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Be the first to get a sneak peak at With the First Goodbye by Len Webster! 
It's releasing September 27.
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It's so hard to say goodbye. With the First Goodbye by Len Webster releases September 27th!
In times like this where #MaringPH is hindering me to go outside because of floods and inconvenience to wander somewhere, I can count on to my favorite convenient food delivery here at Batangas. It's Greenwich Delivery time!

The object of love is not getting something you want but doing something for the well-being of the one you love. It is a fact, however, that when we receive affirming words we are far more likely to be motivated to reciprocate.

I am not a perfect mom, not even the best, but I am striving to be a good one for my only daughter. Oftentimes I have this feeling of guilt if I have given my all and if if this thing I am doing is really called motherhood. I've been raising Isobelle alone since hubby is away solely responsible for our financial needs. There are times that I doubt myself and even say "Ayoko na, suko na ako!" just because I am exhausted for the whole day. And that is because of sudden tantrums, cranking and yelling I got from my 3 yr old. 
A new clothing line named "Meraki Supply" owned by Mr. Robniel C. Manalo is taking up my facebook newsfeed for a week already. The brand means to do something with love, passion, with absolute devotion and uplift positivity.
It's my 2nd time to visit Marian Orchard. The first one was when I visited it with my sister-in-law. Now for the 2nd time, I was with my husband. We are celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary so we decided to drop by at Marian Orchard then have a sumptuous lunch at Cintai Coritos Garden. I wasn't able to roam around the vicinity of Marian before because it's too hot and the path along station of the cross is still grassy by that time.

Brim Cafe which means overflowing is our recent foodventures along with the kabatang admins Jobz and Herald. I got to meet a new blogger too, named Ron. Brim Cafe offers wide variety of menu: Burger and Sandwich, Pasta, Rice meals, Frappe and Group Meals. The cafe started last April 28, 2017 by college friends who turns out business partners.
We have been invited at the grand opening of Octadix Diner located at Mabini St. Batangas City. It is the old location of Sweet Kirsh. The owner Ms. Katherine who is also the owner of the first Hello Kitty themed salon at Epicenter Balagtas recently find her new venture on opening up a restaurant.
Have you ever heard of making money online just by uploading your receipts? Yes, your receipts at the grocery, your beauty products purchase or even your medicine purchases. How did it happen?
It was my first time to attend an event and nevertheless far from the city. Although SM Calamba is not really new to me, I still find it hard to commute lalo pa at sira ang Startoll. Needless to say, I can't say NO since it will be an added experience for me as a blogger to attend such event.
I missed the food venture here when my co blogger and admins visited this newly opened restaurant located at P. Zamora St. beside Bayad Center and near Reyes Haircutters. But it was also a right timing since the last time I visited this place which is Sub Grillin before, I didn't have the chance to dine in. So I immediately add it to my schedule to definitely try their Sisig. If you have been my constant follower or reader, you already know the fact that I am in search for the best Sisig and Carbonara in town. That's why my friends are also delighted to know how my hunting goes on and they really appreciate my input. 

Although I wasn't able to take a selfie here, it's okay. Madami pang time to visit and try other menu or combos. At first I thought that it would take a long queue to have a table for two and my child but within 5 minutes we got one. 

Admit it or not, every parent needs screen time to escape from their child. Or sometimes, they use it as a last resort to calm down their child's tantrums. My husband does that a lot. I tend to do that too when we are travelling or I really need to distract my child from something, may it be a violence while watching tv or for me to be able to give her medicine. Don't judge, I'll tell you more valid reasons why I allow screen time for my baby.
They always say that being at Coritos will take you to Bali. Well, I might say it is. It is great for relaxation because the nature is really alive in that area. Although I was expecting a little bit of more sophisticated touch of the garden, my hopes had failed me. The vicinity is too wide to explore with shades of trees and trails to walk on. Since the Day Tour Package is too pricey for us, I decided to ask if we can just have a lunch date and take some pictures. I contacted their facebook page. They seem to be nice and responds easily. They say that we can have an hour of taking pictures provided that our lunch will be Php500 minimum. Game on! 

I've visited two of their branch already, one is at Sto. Tomas Lifestyle Strip and the other one at SM Batangas City. The size of the area is a bit just the same. Medyo crowded kapag madaming tao but presentable pa din naman. At Sto. Tomas, we ordered the Baby Back Ribs Full Slab as per staff's suggestion that we ended up asking for more pa sana kasi sobrang sarap niya!
For the love of ice cream and shakes, an inspiration to couples Ma'am Maggie and Sir Heinz, come up a unique business located at the heart of Lipa.

You might be interested with this new place located in between Sweet Kirsh Cafe and He Brews along Mabini St. Batangas City. As I am not a fan of Yogurts I wasn't able to try out this place for a couple of months since it was opened. Unfortunately, my husband is craving for some burger today so I was able to try out their menu. Of course I have to try their Carbonara at first.