I've been visiting Watsons every week looking out for products to use on my face and then weighing out if it's worth trying or not. At first, I was hesitant to try the QuickFX products because it is cheaper and only have sachets. But it is great though if you want to try it at first without costing too much on your beauty budget. Still, I need to see reviews first. Searching on youtube, I stumble upon vlogs of Anne Klutz which is useful enough since she's using the products live! She has a review of QuickFX No Shine Mattifier.

QuickFX Haul at Watsons

On my next visit, I grab these three products of QuickFX: No Shine Mattifier, Pimple Erase and the latest one, CC Cream (yay! I don't have to buy the Shawill CC Cream!)

QuickFX No Shine Mattifier
  • Dewy like gel that smoothens my face leaving a powder like finish
  • Easy to blend and easily dry up
  • Lasts up to 5 hours
  • Soft and supple face upon application
  • Affordable and available on Watsons (easily sold out since it's really perfect primer on the go!)

Upon watching Ann Klutz video, she said that it works as a primer which is only new to me. I don't usually use primer when applying make up on my face and maybe that is one of the reasons I ended up retouching from time to time.

with QuickFX No Shine Mattifier

QuickFX No Shine Mattifier with Maybelline All in One Clear Smooth in Natural shade powder
So this No Shine Mattifier is a great primer and I achieved my No Make Up Make Up look everyday!

QuickFX CC Cream
  • Grayish white in appearance
  • Has yellowish pigments when blended
  • Separating little oil substance
  • Smells goods

I learned that having a primer first has really it's pros and cons before applying cream or make up on your face. Here's my comparison.

Using QuickFX CC Cream without No Shine Mattifier
  • Does not dry up easily and a little bit sticky
  • Blends well on skintone but not leaving a smooth finish
  • Does not work well with pressed powder
  • Photo-ready but oily

with QuickFX No Shine Mattifier + CC Cream

Using QuickFX CC Cream with No Shine Mattifier First
  • Adds smooth finish and doesn't crack up
  • Dries up easily, blends well and not oily
  • It doesn't crack up or messed up even if I applied powder or even sunblock afterwards
  • Super smooth and supple face upon application
  • Super Photo ready leaving your face with a No Make Up Make Up look
  • Great for everyday use
  • After 5 hours of exposing to sunlight or daylight, I have to apply pressed powder for retouching of re-apply sunblock if the sun's still up

QuickFX Pimple Eraser
Although I am on my Maxipeel Journey, there are dark spots from time to time and a little pimple breaking out so I decided to use the Pimple Eraser to see if I can rely on it for emergency purposes or can help me out on eliminating the dark spots on my face.

  • It has no smell and white in color
  • Has a little stinging sensation and cool effect
  • It dries up easily and easy to blend on affected areas
  • Use it twice a day for effectiveness

Here's my before and after photos of using the Pimple Eraser after having 2 big zits before my menstruation period. I actually pop it out (yes, I can't resist of popping them from time to time) that's why you can see that it has appeared reddish on the next picture. But what I really notice is it helps me
to eliminate the dark spots on my chin.
Can you see the difference?

I hope that you guys are satisfied with my review. I am definitely keeping this stash on my beauty kit and recommend it to my friends! There are still other products of QuickFX (Tinted Moisturizer and EyeLift Cream) that I would like to try but I am sticking to this first haul first or who knows, maybe on my next visit or after Anne Klutz review of those products.
I learned about this book from @iamhearte's Instagram account. I was thrilled by her post because she got tears after reading it. If I am not mistaken, the only book that brought me to tears while reading at 2:30 AM is entitled "A Walk To Remember" which I know for a fact that it is a chic book, all the girls love it! That is why I end up downloading for an ebook of Me Before You written by Jojo Moyes.

At first I thought that I was lost already with the story. Lost in the sense that I have to read the epilogue once again because I don't know if I skip a line or two. It just happens so fast that Will (I actually thought it wasn't a name too! Silly me!) was in an accident. Why do we always have a soft heart to a sick person instantly?

And then there's Lou, short for Louise. The girl who doesn't have any idea of what life is all about. A boring one for Will. They both contradict each other because Will is an adventurer while Lou doesn’t mind if she ends up just a book in a book shelf. But things aren't the same with Will anymore. His life was taken aback after the accident. And he was just waiting for the right time to come. And then they met. Lou was hired as Will's caretaker. She wasn't really part of the plan but one time she heard Will's family conversing about the 6 month waiting period before Will finally go to Dignitas. He's about to end up his life by suicidal attempt. Will's mom still hopes that Will might change his decision and Lou might be the best fitted for that. In an attempt to bring back Will into life, Lou plans activities for a quadriplegic patient. They become close that Lou started to have feelings for Will but Will doesn't want to. He is still firm with his decision. The last activity Lou planned for Will in order to make him change his mind makes her feel mad and hate Will at all. But in the end, she finally realize what is right for both of them.

Again I don't want to spoil and spill every bit of the story. You should find out yourself. But if you are asking me if it brought me to tears, indeed YES. And after reading that chapter, I instantly feel sorry and send a message to my husband right away. I was moved. I was speechless and cried for five minutes before continuing the story again.

Have you read this book already? Let's share some sentiment. If you haven't read this and want a copy, just send me a message and I'll send you a copy in mobi format.
The first time I heard about this café was when someone mention it on Facebook. I notice that apart from the burger joints emerging at the city of Batangas, along came different coffee shops. This is just one of the café I've visited so far. It is located adjacent to KFC and just renting a small space. The place is a bit homey but I must warn you that it's too small for the daily walk-in customers. Sometimes you have to wait for a vacant seat.

I've been visiting the place for 3 times already, one time I am alone, the 2nd time I was with my kumare, the third time with my husband's cousin. I was a bit disappointed with their frappe. I ordered my usual Cookies n Cream flavor (a must whenever I visit café or ordering an ice cream) but when I got to taste it it's a little blunt. Not too sweet for a sweet tooth like me. I guess they just put little sugar in it and I have tasted too much whip cream instead.

For the 2nd and third try, nothing is changed. I might try different flavor instead next time. I also ordered my favorite Carbonara. It tastes good for me! Since I don't want a creamy carbonara and always opt for the salty one. Good job in there.

Carbonara and Cookies n Cream frappe

Last Tuesday I was able to drop by again and luckily I've got a free seat already so I ordered Benedict Adobo Flakes and Honey Lemonade for a change. Someone's right for mentioning that it's too salty! Well, I think I just need another slice of bread to balance it off. And I am lucky enough that I got the perfect drink for it, the Honey Lemonade which is just right for it's juicy lemon flavor.

Adobo Flakes Benedict and Honey Lemonade
I haven't tried all of their food in the menu and I am actually looking forward to visit their café again sometime soon. Price is not pricey at all compared to other coffee shops. It is easier to drop by at the café since it's in the city already.

What's your café experience so far?