I was looking for a perfect but inexpensive gift last year for my dear friend who also happen to be my kumare. She has a boutique and I want something useful for her aside from her wide Hello Kitty Collection. Some were wondering where I bought my clothes and I just have to admit that a lot of my clothes were shopped online at Heartplum Fab Finds. They got fab and chic clothing and caters most of girly girl outfits which are fashionable but affordable.

So in search for something, I came across an online store which personalized cards. I was thinking that I may grab a set of notepads and calling cards for my friend. I immediately asked for it's price and for a less than Php500 I already got a personalized gift set of notepads and calling cards. That was WOW!

first set purchased given as a gift to dear friend

Upon sending that as a surprise gift, my friend is happy to have them and posted it on her timeline. I was much giddy excited because I actually send them directly to her. I asked her how was the quality of it. She told me that it's beautiful and nice paper material and might consider ordering if she will be asked.

Now that Christmas season is near I thought that I might try their gift set and repurchase calling cards again as a gift to my friend since I knew that she might already used all of the cards I've sent her before. So I send them a message again and give my desired design. A week of processing and my orders are done. I meet them this time at SM Batangas and they handed me my order. I checked them out as excited like a kid, and I am happy that the gift cards are very nice! Not glossy one but it looks really nice for me.

My own sets of gift cards!

It's really nice to have personalized cards since I always wanted to include names of my husband and our daughter in it. I don't have to put our names as always and just put the name of the recipient plus the greeting in it. I can also choose my own design.

a closer look

Yay! I already used up some of my gift cards since we attended different parties this past few days. I'll be sending my other gift as well. 
Nicely wrapped gift with my personalized gift cards

For personalized gift cards and notepads visit Papel de Reina on Facebook
In search of a mini speaker compatible with my Sony Walkman, I finally visit CDR King store once again since last time they told me that they have no stock. There's only one available though but this time I am glad that after all the search I've done, I got to say I've got one good haul for this month. My Sony Walkman is compatible with component systems and in our TV but I want a mini speaker so I can just turn it on whenever I want to. 

CDR King Veltra USB/SD Mini Speaker System

  • Has USB/Micro SD Slot
  • Auxiliary for cellphones
  • Extra battery compartment BLC-5 (just like the cellphone's battery)
  • Rechargeable built in battery (2 hours charging time, 1 1/2 playback but longer when it's on FM)
  • Affordable (Php 680.00)
  • FM Stations availability
  • Has remote control for functions aside from the buttons
  • ON/OFF button, MODE button for USB/FM

Open latch is where you put the extra battery if you are not satisfied with the built in battery

Buttons (R) for remote sensor, MODE for switching between FM and USB/SD, Volume Minus or the backward, Pause Play, Volume Add or the forward

I like the fact that I can switch to FM stations if I wanted to stop listening to my walkman playlists. Also, the rechargeable feature is one good thing since I can charge it for two hours and it will keep on playing without cables. I an carry it anywhere because it is compact and has handle. Good for trips too! 

See the lights? You can see it if the place is dark but in sunshine light you won't even notice that it's working

I charge it for two hours and tried it for the first time using my Walkman Player as music source and it plays for 1 1/2 hours. It stop by that time but when I switch to FM Station it plays for another half hour before it goes off. Then the other day I switch it on again and played for another 30 minutes round on FM. I find it electric saving speaker since I don't have to plug it on socket whenever I want to listen to music. Aside from that it only consumes 3W of electricity.
Yesterday we celebrated our daughter Adrienne Isobelle's 2nd Birthday. I don't usually celebrate birthdays at home but since there's a typhoon, I opt to just stay indoors and make a simply celebration. It started when I ordered a small fondant cake and then my mom insisted to cook pansit. I added carbonara and tried to make some cupcakes again. I will just share the highlights of the celebration here as I was giddy excited to make some effort and pretty much overwhelm with the guests.

I've edited out pictures because I wanted it to look like a photobook when I print it out. Yesterday's celebration was much simpler compare to last year. But I am too happy yesterday because even if I just invited over kids, they seem to be happy too. My baby also got gifts and birthday cards from them. They also sang and dance as part of the small program. Of course I granted them ice cream too! I can't explain the happiness I saw with the kids with this simple celebration we had.

Twerk It Like Miley Dance Number

Flashlight Song Number

Ice Cream Time!

Gifts and Birthday Cards from BFFs
I just ordered a small cake with a bumble bee theme so it will be yellow (her daddy's favorite color!) for Php200.00 pesos only. It might be small but it's just perfect because of the details.

4" Bumble Bee fondant cake made by DBakers Craft
At the end of the party I asked the guest to take pictures with my DIY Photobooth (sorry there are no print outs available haha but I promise to tag them on their facebook account) I made at the corner. Here's a sample shot! Now I don't have to pay for a 2-3 hrs photobooth worth 5k.

DIY Photobooth
After the celebration, I decided to visit the church with my daughter. Have some prayers and intentions for the day and bless her with holy water. As we headed back home we saw Jollibee waving at the jeepneys passing along the Jollibee food chain! So I grab the opportunity to have some picture taken! This is so much for today, we got FREE Mascot along the way! 

YAY for Free Jollibee Mascot
Isn't is sweet to have a simple birthday celebration without costing too (Php 2,000 worth of fun and memories) much but the memories will still remain. I just wanted to say thank you for my mom first for helping me out on this event. For the friends and kids who joined our party, for the gifts my daughter received and for the calm weather despite the typhoon. Till our next birthday party my dear!
Long before I first try to use Pond's facial wash, I always got a pimple or two that's why I stop using it and just switch to other products. But my husband always use it whenever he is here in the Philippines. He actually uses the facial wash for girls! He doesn't have acne even if he uses it everyday. I've also try out Pond's Cream before but still it wasn't for me. Sigh. But after attending an SM Event months ago (sorry as I forgot to post it here before) which is part of the Viber promo, I got a chance to grab a pack full of beauty essentials and 2 packs of chips.

I was eager to watch the movie when I heard about the good reviews from my facebook friend. I also wanted to see a film with a different genre which is about our history. I decided to watch the film all by myself but then my kumare insisted that I should postponed my selfless date and watch it on other day instead. Luckily, I saw a movie treat from SM City Manila and I immediately grab the opportunity. By the way, every year, SM gives complimentary tickets and I must say that every year I grab one (lucky ME!).

It was last year when the Choco Balls hit the market and every one is drooling with it's unique recipe. I have my own version of it too. Aside from that, we also manage to sell a lot of Choco Balls tub delivering to market, schools and friends. Every one is asking and raving on how to make it. Actually there are different versions of making it.
If you are an ABS-CBN subscriber and watching on their channel then you must probably know their latest Starflix presents exclusively for ABS-CBN mobile sim users. You can watch it via iWantv app or through iWantv website. You just have to sign up and must have a mobile sim which has atleast 10php load to be able to watch the 4 episodes.