​I am the type of mom who always post pictures on my social media accounts. Some may say it obsession but others don't really mind. Sometimes, I asked myself if I really have to do this from time to time and limit myself to posting but I really can't deny the fact that it's way too addicting.

In a relationship it is important that the couples know each other's interest so that they can devote time on each other's recreation and increase their affection to each other. Or one of them will join each other's company to gain affection toward the other. It is indeed really helpful if we get to know our partner every now and then. But some couples failed in this manner. Why? Because what they had before is no longer existing in their current situation.
I've been on the look for trying out whitening products right after I gave birth since I am really dying to have a fairer whiter skin without costing me that much. Aside from that, I don't want the injections even the derma sessions. I know that using soaps, moisturizers, cream etc will took me a lot of effort and time to achieve what I want but I want it that way. After I have been exposed to dirt during my training (commuting and using makeup) my pimples are also appearing one by one and to my dismay, I got this red pimple marks.