I've been really craving for Tacos and I haven't had one for months. I tried to make my own recipe but I failed and I didn't satisfied my hunger for taco. In search for taco around the corner, I stumble upon Patty Batangas which serves tacos and burgers. Accessible because I only need to ride a jeepney if I wanted to dine in that place. Since I don't have much thing to do aside from my bank errands today, I asked my niece in law to accompany me and be my taste buddy for a day! Luckily she's free enough to join me and we just treat this day as her pre-birthday celebration.

Currently, I am reading a book entitled "His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair Proof Marriage"  which I first learned from Maricar and Richard Poon's blog. Every chapter is informative. This thing caught my attention though and I have quoted some lines for you to ponder.
When it comes to sex and affection, you can't have one without the other. Sadly enough, most affairs start because of a lack of affection (for the wife) and lack of sex (for the husband). It's quite a vicious cycle. She doesn't get enough affection, so she shuts him off sexually. He doesn't get enough sex, so the last thing he feels like being is affectionate.

We all know that saving enough money is really hard. Nowadays the one thousand peso bill can only give you a pack of diaper and a carton of milk supplement for your baby. That is hardly enough for a week budget. But have you ever wonder if you really are a practical one, even if you are in a midst of hardship dealing with your monthly allowance you can still save up for your future?
My first barbie was given by my dad and I can't remember where it is right now. But I know that the last glimpse of it was a barbie with a cut nose. I cut her nose or the mouse did, forgive me as I don't really remember that exact tragedy my barbie had. Who wouldn't remember Barbie as the iconic doll who won the hearts of many girls and having one makes you feel like a rich kid. Now I am going to share you one of my friend who happen to be a barbie collector and now starting her barbie dress making line. I was really amazed with her patience making dresses for her barbies despite the work schedule she have.
License to Date is the 6th book from the "Better Date Than Never" series written by Susan Hatler. If you have been wandering through my blog before, you might notice that I already written reviews of her books and today I decided to make a review again. I've been reading her series since then and I like the fact that I can finish her book in one sitting. Sorry if it really took so long to make a review of the book.
I've been wanting to visit this place with my husband last year as our anniversary itinerary but at some instances we decided to just go back at Caleruega. But then my wish was granted when my inlaws took a trip with me at this place and have a sight at the wonderful garden situated at Batangas. I learned about this place from a facebook friend and from then on I told myself that one day I'll be setting my footsteps and reflect with God's grace.