With my first Human Nature first haul, I include the Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask since I've read that it's also a good product after using their shampoo. So it wouldn't hurt me if I try since I can't also use the conditioners that time when I was pregnant. Apparently, I forgot to take some pictures before so I end up hovering some photos on google but decided not to copy it afterwards. The actual haul is discussed here and from there you can see the Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask in Avocado and Gugo Bark in Rosemary Scent.
When it comes to books, I just use my kindle and read what I want to read. I download most of my free ebooks from Amazon or even from torrent sites I know and just save it on my computer. And did I mention that I also give FREE copies of the ebooks I have? You just have to HIT THIS and it will redirect you on how you can have free copies of my ebooks. Last 2012 I purchased a Kindle so I can finally read books handy enough and store all of my copies in it digitally. Now I wanted to show you how I manage my books in my kindle device and how to send my ebooks from my hard drive using the Send to Kindle technique.
This is one of the task I need to focus on to or else I will end up broke every end of the month and worst case scenario I wouldn't have anything left for a savings. Budgeting seems to be so hard and can't be learn in just one sitting. More on my case because I myself must admit that I am indeed a shopaholic (but not the shopaholic princess we used to know, but whenever I seem to like something I grab it even though I am picky most of the times).
This has been my last purchase from Human Nature and I haven't asked anything yet from my dealer. I was hoping that this shampoo is a great buy since I already bought the bigger size and can actually save from using it but upon using up half the bottle, I stopped and wouldn't buy again for sure. 

Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo is a 100% natural clarifying shampoo and among one of the new products lined up at Human Nature stores. Since they got reviews from user of their shampoos before which I also use, the Mandarin and Vanilla Lush that it is not foamy or more lather, they created the Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo to cater the needs of many.
Last year I ask hubby if I can have a supplementary credit card since were having a baby. I know for sure that the emergency expenses like running out of milk or nappies will be in demand every month. And I know that borrowing money instantly is not an assurance for me that when I need to, I can have one. Instead, I ask him and carefully discuss about the matter with him. He tried to apply for a supplementary card on his bank but we didn't got a chance a be approved (or so, he really didn't applied one for me! LOL). But last November, I received a call from a BPI representative telling me that I am entitled for an instant credit card from my respective bank.
I always thought of something I could deprive myself into and divert my attention to other things other than nursing my baby and the needs of my husband while he is faraway. I need to fully exert my stress each and everyday so I won't be loaded enough to burst into tears whenever I feel weary. So, since I am really into having a "ME" time (of course my husband fully supported me with this), I always find a way on how to relax and pamper myself once or even twice a month.
Last month I decided to have a mini giveaway because my blog recently have a revamped, I purchased my own domain so excited as I was, I give thanks to my readers and followers. To show my gratitude, I share some of the products I have. Now, here's the winner of the giveaway.

I send her an email as well as tag her on my twitter account. So I will be waiting for 24 hours for her shipping details or else I'll pick up another winner on my list. :) Congratulations Anne Krissein! Looking forward to send you some goodies from sweetbites!

Since the giveaway already ended, I am hoping that those participants will still read my blog updates or even follow my social media interactions. Who knows, maybe I'll hold another giveaway. Thanks for those who supported and joined.

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When I was still working at Laguna, my pad mate is into series. She's watching reruns and actually buy cd's just to watch her favorites. The first series I watched was "Prison Break" but I didn't really finished that one in just one sitting and actually skipped some episodes. Reminds me that I should download it now so I can have a marathon of it when I got bored. Then one time, the series "Grey's Anatomy" caught me (actually that's where my daughter's name came from "Isobelle". Before I lost interest on babbling about my list, let's start it now.
Ever since my baby got money from visiting other houses (it is indeed an old wives tale that whenever a baby first visited a house, the owner should give her money when he leaves) I decided to open up an account exclusively for her. Every money she'll receive, I wanted to save it. From the small amount to christmas ampaos, christening and birthday, I wanted to deposit all of it to her own savings account so that when the time comes that we will need money for her education we already have funds and don't have a problem anymore.
Last year, I promise to God that one day I'll visit Caleruega for thanksgiving as we receive bounty of blessings and to ask for guidance. After we got married I asked hubby if we can have a family get together with my inlaws at Tagaytay. I personally chose Caleruega to fulfill my promise and ask for some help regarding bearing a child. My husband agreed and so we took his family to Caleruega and have a nice bonding after church services.
Tell me that I am a cam-whore and I'll admit it right away. I have proofs and I know that it is already insane but I have this "chocolicious" album in my facebook account which of course includes my selfies with chocolates I receive from friends. It is indeed my collection so I'll know if I have already tasted that chocolate or not. That way I can easily track what else needs to be tasted next time. *Grins*