This should be posted weeks before Christmas but I feel lazy doing so. But since it's not yet over for Holidays, this might be an additional sweets on New Year's Eve. I just called this recipe as ref cake overload because it reminds me of the ice cream rocky road and just use overload since it's just the original ref cake recipe with an additional chocolate filling.
I've been dreaming of being a vocalist in a band. Actually when my brother was still part of a band along with his friends, I was asking if I could join them but he keep on laughing at me because it was like, "hello, di ka naman pwedeng makipag jamming sa amin". But that didn't stop me from pursuing what I wanted to. I still became a vocalist, a vocalist for my hubby and my baby, LOL. As I always end up singing at the wee hours before my husband sleeps after work and to make my baby fall asleep at night time. Guess my voice makes someones have a good night sleep though.
Since Christmas is just around the corner and 5 days from now it's officially holidays, I wanted to post my wishlist this year. I know for a fact that what I have on my list won't be given by somebody or someone but anyway, I feel the need to blurt it out somehow. It might be my goal for 2014 as a start right? Last year I was able to receive some of the things I wanted to have like the Kindle which is originally a gift for myself but ended up as a gift from my husband. So this year this is what I want...
Hello there! Last night I read Lhen's post about her new domain name and I was excited to try it out since they are still giving away their promo for Php199 only! And because I was so thrilled about having my own domain name after blogging for a long time, I am also sharing a small give away to my readers and followers!

Facebook now has this feature wherein you can go back and take a look at my biggest moments on Facebook. I really considered this year as a blessed one because I've been receiving such blessings from God above despite all the hurdles in life I'm facing since last year. Guess I've been good that I even received such rewarding and priceless treasures in my life. Help me track down memory lane.

I was thrilled by this three terms and I was eager to know more of it from my pedia and god thanks I was able to cope up with this. But tonight, colic is our problem again with my baby. *Sigh. If you are a mom and have experience this three with your infant, please shed me some light so I can also hear from you guys. I badly need other stories right now. Btw, if you have other information, let's say you are a nurse or a story from your ate or the like, you are also welcome.