It's indeed our 7th wedding monthsary today. I am used to making surprises back when we were still bf-gf and my boyfriend would usually feel sorry because he doesn't have one. Of course, we girls are the ones who do that stuff so it's okay for me if my husband didn't have to. Though sometimes whenever he got surprises for me, I got this 101% kilig vibes all over because of the fact that he didn't usually do it everytime but when it comes, it's SUPERB!

I was supposed to upload a cover here in my blog and share my hidden talent (have to keep it hidden so it won't rain hard always, LOL) but I'll just use this day to just share my 27th monthsary video (with me singing in the background of photo slides) uploaded in my personal facebook account. I know hubby will keep on teasing me if he'll see my post with his pictures scattered here. Haha..
Just a warning, audio isn't great so I advise you to turn on your speakers on full even if you can hear my not-so-good voice. :) I hope I can make you guys laugh a bit with my cover. *face palm*

For other covers or recording, check my SoundCloud account. Happy listening everyone!

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Warning: This is not about the book. This is not about the movie either. These are what to expect when you're expecting. Embracing your first chapter as a mother-to-be and how to manage the positive to negative vibes around you while you were growing the bump inside your womb. This is about certain things you might or may not (lucky you!) experience while preparing yourself to be the "mom" of your unborn child.

Last month I was able to switch to organic products after reading Rica's blog when she found out that she's pregnant. So I look for products right away and started to purchase some, shampoos and blush on to start with. You can read my post about the organic products switch here. Yesterday I emptied out the two bottles finally. The first one which is the mandarin fresh scent was already emptied 2 weeks ago, lasting three weeks of use while the next bottle, vanilla lush only lasted for two weeks.

I am indeed a BPI account saver. And since I've got a new phone, I installed the android app once again for me to enjoy the cashless shopping, transferring money to anyone and viewing my latest balance, credits or debits without the need of going to the bank or checking it through ATM. Here's a tour and tutorial on using the BPI Mobile App on Android. Banking without hassle is two thumbs up!

Whenever I spotted a new restaurant or a food kiosk I aim to look at two choices: carbonara and sisig and definitely will try if it's good or not. If it's my first time to dine in at the place, my first order will always be a carbonara or sisig, whichever is in the menu. It's because carbonara has been my ultimate favorite when it comes to pasta and spaghetti will always be my 2nd choice. The first carbonara I've tasted was cooked by my Ninang and I really love it! I can't remember my first attempt to cook carbonara and I didn't have a picture of it so maybe next time I'll share my own recipe here.

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I was really pissed off with facebook messenger last month because it's my most favorite app in my blackberry phone as much as checking emails. Since I only have a 512 kbps ISP, I can't open the facebook app and have to use the facebook messenger for easy facebook messaging. But recently, the app stop working because of technical issues. I started ranting and I feel like it's not useful at all (use of blackberry). No push facebook messaging, no videocalls, no voice calls aside from walkie talkie wechat. I have limited use of apps because blackberry is too "arte" when it comes to their native apps that it can't be used over wifi unless you subscribed to RIM data. Well, 2 years of using blackberry is now over.

I was eager to try out what Genzel has posted recently in her blog about the Allue My First water based Nail Polish. I was at SM Mall last Saturday so while I was waiting for my niece I visited the HBC outlet nearby. I was hoping that there is similar nail polish but I was dismay because there wasn't. Instead, the sales clerk was insisting that the display were water based when in fact I check it that the caption on the bottle was "Peel Off". So before I got mad at her I just pick out a pale color and pay for it.

I love Goldilocks Polvoron and even if it's pricey once I feel like I wanted one, I always buy a pack of it. My hubby also loves eating Goldilocks Polvoron too. But let me share you something today. Something that is nutritious more of for pregnant women and those who have skim milk leftovers. "Leftovers" yes, we will do a little bit of invention here, precisely an alternative to the usual skim milk ingredients of Polvoron. Ready?