I was browsing my old pics till I saw my folder "Escapade - La Virginia". Then I scan the pictures and I suddenly miss taking a vacation and spend some time with my family and cousins. It'll be next summer again I guess. I visited this place twice already and I still haven't zoom the whole area as the first one was just a plain visit and the other one, I wasn't allowed to roam that much because of my condition (pregnancy risks). However, I was able to take some pictures of some area but I can't post it all here! Sigh! If you are listed on my facebook friends, then you can see my photo album there.

I've read two books in a row the other night and now I find time to make a review. First, let me say thank you to the author of the book Susan Hatler who is generous enough to read and share my reviews on her facebook page. Another one is when she sent me this copy as a gift, I feel like I've saved a lot of money again and got to enjoy reading her book as always. Thank you so much Susan!