To my Dear "Baby"

I really don't know how to start things off but one thing is for sure, I wanted you to know that you are loved since the first day I learned that I am conceiving.

The first months of having you in my tummy is not really great. In fact, I have this scarriest thoughts that I might lose you but I was able to fight along the way. The first time I felt your kick made me happy and excited that it might not be a kick at all but you responded and seems like telling me "mommy, it's for real". It gave me strength, a happiness I haven't felt for such a long time that I even capture a video of you kicking and hurriedly sent it to your dad. He may be far away from us but I always told him about you. He's excited to see you and be able to call you "my princess".

From mood swings to sleeping disorder, I always thought that having you is really a hard one but I always look forward to the day I will give birth to you. This was so unexpected. I have fears and thoughts about how will I be able to get by on my due date, fear that I may not be ready, scared since it's my first time and sad that your daddy wouldn't be there by that time.

I have garnered my strength and positive vibes through the help of family and friends who always seems to be there whenever I feel like sulking. We are loved. We are lucky enough to have them by our side as I conceive you. They are eager and excited to see you and with every little joy you gave me, they also felt the happiness deep within my heart.

I may have sad days as we waited for you but everytime I felt you flutter, my heart melts and I can't help but smile, started thinking that one day you will be right next to me, holding you in my arms, giving you sweet kisses and singing you a lullaby. I wanted to give you an unconditional love, in every way possible.

Me and your dad will forever be grateful to have you. You are a gift, a god's promise. We love you.

I hope one day you will be able to read this letter. So hang in there, soon, our long wait will be over.

Hugs and kisses,
Mommy Rubita
Yay for this nomination. I didn't imagine I will be nominated for this award. Thank you so much Shayne for this! I was really flattered! You can check the Liebster Award post at Shayne's blog HERE. I also wanted to say goodluck to other 9 bloggers who's also been nominated for this award. I know that I am not the winner yet and it's too early for such hooray but hey, it's my first to have this and I know that being nominated will give way for my blog to have new followers SOON. *Cross fingers* for that part as I really hope so. So before I forgot what I have to do, here it goes:

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I was able to finish this book last night until 3am when I can't asleep at all and I must say that it is indeed a good read. It's the 2nd installment of "Better Date than Never" series written by Susan Hatler. If you want to know about the 1st series you can check out my review here: Love at First Date. I find myself sobbing at 3am because I can't help but feel hopelessly romantic after the "confession" scenario of the main characters. If you're into love stories or chic lit, I bet you'll love this one too!

It's been 4 years when I first got my hardwork from a company. Before I resigned I promised myself that I should invest a gadget so that when things got rocky I can say that atleast I got one thing I can use and reminds me my hardwork getting that thing.

Since it's rainy season again, a lot of children are suffering from Dengue Fever. Earlier I visited one of my niece Nochelle (hubby's side) at the hospital because she was diagnosed positive with Dengue fever. I wouldn't be surprised anymore because MIL told me last week that there have been reported incidents of students from their school that were also diagnosed with Dengue. So the school premises is a danger spot now. 

I know some of you already know that I am wishing for a baby girl while my hubby is teasing me that this will be a baby boy. Some of my friends say that it's a boy and some would utter it's a girl because my radiant glows inside out. Last Wednesday I had my ultrasound and my follow up check up this month. The first thing was to have my ultrasound since I already asked for my doctor's request to have one and to know the gender of my baby right away. I already posted this news on my facebook account but I know that readers of my blog are not one of my account's follower so might as well share the news here too. 

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I am not used to 3-in-1 beauty essentials because my skin doesn't have any problems at all ever since. All I use is Eskinol Pimple Fighting Cleanser with Dalacin C to cleanse my face. But since I am pregnant I should be avoiding chemical products. I was at Watsons earlier to look for organic shampoo and a cetaphil toner that I can use for removing my make up. Everytime I ask a clerk about cetaphil, they were like "What's that?" so I just look it out for myself.

Don't let the stress gets into you. This is a daily reminder for myself so I won't really have a problem regarding my pregnancy and to be healthy emotionally away from stress and negative vibes that comes my way. Oftentimes I wonder how would people react upon seeing me pregnant after our wedding. Will there be negative thoughts or positive outlook? Will they be happy just as we are happy with the news or would they start gossiping about us?

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This post was long overdue but since I am really fond of their service last time, I decided to make an entry for them. I got a 1000 gift certificate at Piandre Salon from Ate Joan when I got married last February. My hubby didn't want to go to so I immediately called my BFF for this treat. I know already that I was pregnant by the time we visit the salon so I was hesitant to have a hair treatment so I choose a manicure and a new haircut instead.

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I got this freebie when I purchased 2 tops from Leilani of Heartplum Fab Finds Shop. She just came from her Bohol trip and bought some goods or pasalubong. I was lucky enough that my items were shipped just right in time so she included some pasalubong for me. Such a thoughtful friend! I am not just a customer at her shop but we also get closer after several purchases. She even volunteered to be one of my baby's ninang.

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Ate Joan of Jackbhebz OnlineShop introduced me this pan a couple of weeks ago. If you are into cooking and wants a healthy lifestyle, cholesterol free, this pan is perfect for you.
Imagine your day without using oil in frying, bake foods instantly, no greases while washing the dishes, no smoke in the kitchen, prepare foods without the hassle of cleaning cooking wares from time to time and serving healthy menus with your family. Impossible? No. With Philkraft Pressure Pan, all of this will be POSSIBLE.
Since I am into online home-based job and online buying I need to have a paypal for some of my online purchases and instant withdrawals. But having a paypal account has limits also. You are allowed to use a free and unverified paypal account but a $500 withdrawal and sending limit is waived. After 5 years, I think that having a verified account is what I should aim.

It's been a long time when Starbucks Coffee Shop open a branch here at SM Batangas. I know for a fact that a Starbucks Coffee/Frappuccino is a bit pricey and since I am a price conscious I didn't have the guts to try it on my own, much more I am not into coffee. The first coffee shop I ever visited was Beanstalk back when I still working at Calamba Laguna and what I ordered there was a cookies and cream frapp and their version of carbonara which tastes good! 

Reading articles about pregnancy makes me more knowledgeable aside from asking people who have been into pregnancy before. I came across Anmum Philippines because it was on the sidebar of my facebook newsfeed, a paid advertisement I assume. I wasn't drinking their Anmum Materna Milk before because there are some reviews that the taste isn't good and had a foul odor.

I've been an Avon consumer for the last 5 years. Most of my intimate apparels and some of my cosmetics are from Avon products. Why? Because their intimate apparels (Missy collections) are really worth it though some items are pricey, still, they last long! The garter itself is not as lousy as the ones bought in some stores or other brands. I dunno, but for me, Avon intimate apparels becomes my addiction. One more thing, their products are payable within 1 month so it's really a plus for me.

I got that term "Buntis Diaries" from Rica Peralejo after reading some of her posts after she realized that she was expecting. Before I got pregnant I have certain questions that always ring a bell in my head and even asks some moms who have been into pregnancy issues. While still in doubt, somehow I manage to got answers on some of my questions but still some were left unanswered.