Have you ever heard of making money online just by uploading your receipts? Yes, your receipts at the grocery, your beauty products purchase or even your medicine purchases. How did it happen?
It was my first time to attend an event and nevertheless far from the city. Although SM Calamba is not really new to me, I still find it hard to commute lalo pa at sira ang Startoll. Needless to say, I can't say NO since it will be an added experience for me as a blogger to attend such event.
I missed the food venture here when my co blogger and kabatang.com admins visited this newly opened restaurant located at P. Zamora St. beside Bayad Center and near Reyes Haircutters. But it was also a right timing since the last time I visited this place which is Sub Grillin before, I didn't have the chance to dine in. So I immediately add it to my schedule to definitely try their Sisig. If you have been my constant follower or reader, you already know the fact that I am in search for the best Sisig and Carbonara in town. That's why my friends are also delighted to know how my hunting goes on and they really appreciate my input. 

Although I wasn't able to take a selfie here, it's okay. Madami pang time to visit and try other menu or combos. At first I thought that it would take a long queue to have a table for two and my child but within 5 minutes we got one. 

Admit it or not, every parent needs screen time to escape from their child. Or sometimes, they use it as a last resort to calm down their child's tantrums. My husband does that a lot. I tend to do that too when we are travelling or I really need to distract my child from something, may it be a violence while watching tv or for me to be able to give her medicine. Don't judge, I'll tell you more valid reasons why I allow screen time for my baby.