I missed the food venture here when my co blogger and kabatang.com admins visited this newly opened restaurant located at P. Zamora St. beside Bayad Center and near Reyes Haircutters. But it was also a right timing since the last time I visited this place which is Sub Grillin before, I didn't have the chance to dine in. So I immediately add it to my schedule to definitely try their Sisig. If you have been my constant follower or reader, you already know the fact that I am in search for the best Sisig and Carbonara in town. That's why my friends are also delighted to know how my hunting goes on and they really appreciate my input. 

Although I wasn't able to take a selfie here, it's okay. Madami pang time to visit and try other menu or combos. At first I thought that it would take a long queue to have a table for two and my child but within 5 minutes we got one. 

Additional star for the superb attentive staff and giving suggestions on what food to try, instantly telling us if its available or not so that no time is wasted on waiting. Food is serve immediately too. 

Crispy Wedges // my current fave
The crispy wedges is my current fave among the foods I ordered. It is crispy on the outside but soft inside and not too salty.

Cookies & Cream Frappe
My mom says it's a bit bland but for me, it was just the way I like it. Not too sweet and not too strong taste in it. Gotta try other frappe next time.

Lasagna Rolls
The lasagna rolls is as much as you can see, overloaded with sauce and cheese inside. Warning for those people for are not cheese lover. 

Teriyaki Wings
This platter is also good since it's flavor gives justice for my favorite chicken part, the wings. It already comes with an iced tea and fries. Plain fries indeed.

+1 for they have a high chair. Not all cafes have one, and also the colorful pens and blocks to make my child busy as we wait for our food. Twas the first time she liked munching on wedges. 

The place is a bit crowded for now because there are too many customers even if it's past 7. Probably because it's the talk of the town and they serve great food here.

Until my next visit 👍

P.S. A bit pricey but the food is worth it. Not just instagrammable but also flavorful.

Purple Beetle Cafe Batangas
69 P. Apacible Street, Dayton Hotel, 4200, P. Burgos, Poblacion, Batangas
Opens 9:00 AM
Branches at Lipa City and Sto. Tomas Batangas
Admit it or not, every parent needs screen time to escape from their child. Or sometimes, they use it as a last resort to calm down their child's tantrums. My husband does that a lot. I tend to do that too when we are travelling or I really need to distract my child from something, may it be a violence while watching tv or for me to be able to give her medicine. Don't judge, I'll tell you more valid reasons why I allow screen time for my baby.

When she was still months old, I played nursery rhymes video on our television most of the time in a day even if it's annoying and even if I memorized all of the nursery rhymes included in the playlist. My baby likes it, more of I like it because I can do something else. And that's the reason why my baby doesn't learn how to walk and crawl at the early stages of her life. Blame it on me, I knew that already. But that's not exactly what I want to tell you. From this, I learned that everything should have limitations. Again, do not play it all day! Just set an hour or 30 minutes everyday for your child to wander, learn, explore or watch something. But if you do not want to, then sing for your child. Repetition should be consistent though.

As she aged, we watch different kind of nursery rhymes, phonics lessons and subscribed to three youtube channels. 

Chu Chu TV - this is where she learned her ABC. Not that she is able to sing it out loud but she can also identify them one by one. She also learned the numbers through this.

Busy Beavers - this is where she learned about colors and shapes. I played their videos every morning and she is eager to watch them and after a couple of weeks she was able to sing and dentify shapes and colors because of that. Now, she knows fruits and vegetables too. Wholeheartedly singing each of them when we are having our "momfiemoments" singing together before we sleep at night.

Little Baby Bum - she enjoys nursery rhymes with this one. Her favorite? If you're happy and you know it, 5 Little Ducks and Wheels on the Bus. 

She learned new words too. But I still let her watch some phonics video, first words video that repeats every after word. Most of the time she wants to watch alone then a day or two she will mimic it with me, so that's my cue then I have to watch it with her so I can also understand what she is trying to say. 

It doesn't hurt to have some "screen-time" with your baby. Just supervise them, guide them and feed them with educational videos only. There are so many educational videos at youtube. Or if you are hesitant to leave them over youtube channel then download them and transfer at usb, plug on your tv and play it. That's one of my tactics too instead of letting her watch cartoon channels. 

Again, screen-time can be okay as long as you know your limits and goals on why you allow your child to have them.
They always say that being at Coritos will take you to Bali. Well, I might say it is. It is great for relaxation because the nature is really alive in that area. Although I was expecting a little bit of more sophisticated touch of the garden, my hopes had failed me. The vicinity is too wide to explore with shades of trees and trails to walk on. Since the Day Tour Package is too pricey for us, I decided to ask if we can just have a lunch date and take some pictures. I contacted their facebook page. They seem to be nice and responds easily. They say that we can have an hour of taking pictures provided that our lunch will be Php500 minimum. Game on! 

So after the hot streak of sun at Marian, we headed to Cintai riding a tricycle which is already waiting at the gate. A fare of Php50 for the less than 10 minute ride. Quite pricey too but we don't have no choice. Gutom na ang lola mo at haggard na masyado sa sobrang init ng araw. Upon entering, a guard will ask you what will be your activity and will ask for an ID so he can let you go inside. Jusko, ang haba pala ng lakadin papasok. So I really suggest na you should have your own car if you are planning to visit the place. At the information desk, a staff is already waiting, I told them that we will only have a lunch date so she ushered us at Abadi Restaurant. A small restaurant but with a breath taking view of the pool and forest and tall trees and fresh air. Ahh, I wanna swim and take some rest! Indeed they are right that this place is great for relaxation and not just for a day tour.

At Abadi we were greeted accordingly (Grabe ang pag-asikaso nila sa guest! Great job!) and give us the menu. We decided to order Soup, Pork Dish and Steamed Rice. 

our kind of Lunch at Abadi

Pork BinagoonganCrispy Pork Belly Topped with Fried Eggplant and Special Bagoong Sauce - Php350

Seafood Chowder
Creamy soup of mixed seafood and potatoes - Php180

Steamed Rice - Php60
After lunch we roam around and take some pictures. Naligaw kami bes! Puro villa ang nasuotan namin with wall murals in between. Tired and not quite happy with what we have I just took some pictures. Ang haba ng nilakad namin. 

If I am not mistaken, there are 4 pools, 2 large pools and 2 kiddie pool. They also have the spa cottage which is beside the wonder wall of Cintai. Yun na pala yun. The other one was at the golf course but we didn't actually go there. Malayo na masyado afraid that we might used up the 1 hour already. Kidding, but it's too far na talaga kung lalakadin pababa. But above all, masarap yung food at 5 star for the staffs.
I've visited two of their branch already, one is at Sto. Tomas Lifestyle Strip and the other one at SM Batangas City. The size of the area is a bit just the same. Medyo crowded kapag madaming tao but presentable pa din naman. At Sto. Tomas, we ordered the Baby Back Ribs Full Slab as per staff's suggestion that we ended up asking for more pa sana kasi sobrang sarap niya!

Malambot yung karne, masarap yung sauce at nanamnamin mo talaga sa bawat kagat. It is good for 3-4 persons already and they have side dishes, the skinless potato which taste like the regular potato fries.

My friend also ordered the Php100 Allegra's burger. Masarap din yung patty but too small. Mabibitin ka bes!

At SM Batangas, I am with my husband and we ordered plate dishes of Allegra's. Of course, the Carbonara again and again is on my list.

The Carbonara is not my usual type of Carbonara, sad. Masarap naman siya but I wanted something na medyo may alat, not the creamy one.

My husband had the spaghetti with Chicken this time. The Spaghetti, panalo! Masarap yung sauce and affordable pa with chicken as side dish.

There are still many to choose from their menu so I might visit them again soon to try out something new.

Allegra's Kitchen
Branches: Solenad 2, The Lifestyle Strip, SM Lipa, SM City Batangas
For the love of ice cream and shakes, an inspiration to couples Ma'am Maggie and Sir Heinz, come up a unique business located at the heart of Lipa.

We were served with shakes, pasta, sandwiches and fries enough to make our tummy super busog. Flavorful, enticing and affordable foodie perfect for the wander mommy like me. The weather also didn't stop us for this kind of food tasting, super lamig at mahangin sa Lipa, tapos nasa harap namin ang apat na dambuhalang shakes. Imagine the chilling experience we had!

You can also view my video here: Kree-Mee Lipa Premium Shakes
Listed below are my top favorites:

Garlic Butter Potato Cone - Yummy Fries on the go
No wonder this is my favorite as I didn't have a single photo for this but just enjoy munching every bit of it. I am a garlic flavored fan, so this is a bit bias for me. Masarap eh!
Queen's Grilled Cheese Imperial Ham
Though I am not quite sure about the "pineapple" taste in it, I like how it compliments with the sandwich. Just the right blend of a sandwich I am looking for.

Queen's Grilled Cheese Imperial Ham
Look how affordable the menus are:

Though these 3 pictures below are not included on my top favorites, I can also assure you that they taste really good. The Chicken Fillet filled in this sandwich tastes like the Chicken Fillet we love at McDonalds.

Queen's Grilled Cheese Chicken Fillet
These pasta seems to taste just the same for me but you can see that they really look different in their appearance. It's like a taste of the "tomato sauce" pasta in each one that makes it the same.

Tomato Basil Parmesan
Four Cheese Pasta
Now let me drool you with their signature ice cream blended shakes that you can also upgrade or boost with other premium chocolates like Hersheys, Twix, Toblerone and Milkyway to name a few. Kung broken hearted ka teh, o feel mo lang na mag-emote over a tub of ice cream, I suggest you just visit Kreemee Lipa and indulge yourself for a glass of ice cream blended shakes. Kasi dito kumpleto rekados na, may ice cream ka na, may chocolate ka pa.

Kreemee Lipa Premium Shakes
Address: Dayton Food Park, Ayala Highway, Lipa City
Phone Number: 0915 695 4727
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday at 1PM to 10PM and Friday to Sunday at 1PM to 11PM.

You might be interested with this new place located in between Sweet Kirsh Cafe and He Brews along Mabini St. Batangas City. As I am not a fan of Yogurts I wasn't able to try out this place for a couple of months since it was opened. Unfortunately, my husband is craving for some burger today so I was able to try out their menu. Of course I have to try their Carbonara at first.

The place is somewhat small though not crowded for the daily students who visits the cafe. It is also accentuated with sticker decals and a wall map graffiti.

Syempre, the Carbonara is a must to try for me. Well, it looks like an ordinary one. Ang lasa? If you have ever tried the Macaroni Salad Plus of Greenwich, it is indeed similar to the taste of this carbonara. Too sweet for me and taste like there really is mayonnaise on it. I asked them if I can change the beverage since I don't like the Four Seasons. They did change it to Iced Tea with same price. I also ordered a slice of cake, they have the red ribbon chocolate cake which costs Php45 per slice.

We ordered the Perfect Burger which is consists of double beef patties with fries and drinks already. I love the name because it compliments well with the burger itself. Masarap yung patty tapos affordable price pa siya for Php135. If you are looking for a tipid meal pero di tinipid sa lasa ng burger, head on to I Lab Yo and order one for yourself. 

Perfect Burger
They also serve Yogurt smoothies and desserts but forgive me if I didn't included those in here. I don't really eat yogurt so I think it is for you to try on if you happen to visit I Lab Yo.